Flightplan Filing

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Transmit your flight plans over the Internet from any location

With skybriefing, you can send your flight plans over the Internet from any location. You can use the flight plan function to create and send your flight plan. The plan is validated at the AIM Service Centre Switzerland and forwarded to the pertinent offices for air traffic services. You can examine information on the current status of your flight plan (slots, routing changes, etc...) at any time on-line. Accepted flight plans are marked with the corresponding symbol and you are entitled to carry out your flight.

 You can perform the following actions:

  • Create and send new FPL
  • Cancel FPL (CNL)
  • Delay FPL (DLA)
  • Modify FPL (CHG)
  • Send a landing notice (ARR)
  • Save FPL as template (without transmission)
  • Request route proposals for IFR FPL
  • Request Slot information