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skybriefing is the official solution that covers the state mandate and fulfills the basic requirements for the flight preparations in Switzerland. Pilots have the responsibility to prepare their flights regardless of a specific application. However, it should be noted that pre-flight applications have to use information from authorized sources. skybriefing is an authorized source.

No. The submission of flight plans by phone or fax is only accepted in case of an unavailability of skybriefing (Ref: VFR Manual RAC 1-2-1/2 – 1-2-3/4).

Flight plan submission by phone or fax will only be accepted if the skybriefing connection on an aerodrome is out of service or in case of a complete skybriefing outage. Contact our 24 hours helpdesk, we are very pleased to help you. Tel: + 41 (0)43 931 61 61 Fax: + 41 (0)43 931 61 99 E-mail: helpdesk@skybriefing.com

Flights departing within Switzerland are declared as state mandated and are therefore free of charge. Basel-Mulhouse (LFSB) is also declared state mandated.
Flights departing outside Switzerland are declared as non-state mandated and will be charged.
In the skybriefing basic package, 10 non-state mandated flight plans are included. In the Shop you can purchase additional flight plan packages.

At the right corner on top of every page, you will find an (i)-symbol. By clicking that symbol, a new window pops up with all the information concerning the actual page.

The helpdesk is providing assistance for you 365 days a year 24/7 by phone, fax or email.

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AIM operation Schweiz
Tel: + 41 (0)43 931 61 61
Fax: + 41 (0)43 931 61 99

E-mail: helpdesk@skybriefing.com
Internet: www.skyguide.ch

Our professional air navigation service staff will be glad to help you with:

  • Questions regarding skybriefing and related products
  • General questions regarding flight planning and submission of flight plans
  • Requests and changes of your flight plan status (DEP, DLA, CHG, ARR, CNL)
  • Requests for AIP Briefings within Switzerland and other countries
  • Providing worldwide AIP-documents incl. SUP and AIC
  • Proposals to system improvements

skybriefing products may be purchased with the following major credit cards: VISA, Master Card and American Express.

If you do not own any of these credit cards, you have the possibility to pay easy and safe by PayPal. A personal PayPal account allows you to transfer money easy and safe. This transfer method is already provided by many online-shops. PayPal is a free of charge service. You may get more information on PayPal.

No, payments by invoices or pay slips are not possible.

Yes. The publications AIP and VFR manual are available in the skybriefing shop to be purchased and viewed accordingly. The VFR manual is also available as a complete download file.

No, it is not planned to develop an APP. Anyway, skyguide provides open ports for APP creators. Please, get in touch with us.

If you are interested to develop an APP and use our ports, please contact our marketing department marketing@skybriefing.com

Yes it is. The DABS chart is available on the skybriefing front page without logging in.

skybriefing can be used properly with Firefox, Google Chrome and Edge. Please use the latest version of your browser at all times and make sure to activate TLS 1.2 in the internet options of your browser.

Yes, skybriefing can be used properly on mobile devices.

Yes, the engineers of AIRNAVPRO have included the open skybriefing ports in their APP.

The password requirements meeting all actual safety standards.

We are open to all ideas and suggestions and will forward them to our product management. Please contact our helpdesk by phone 043 931 61 61 or by email helpdesk@skybriefing.com