About skybriefing

The skybriefing application covers the basic requirements for flight preparation as imposed by the government. It provides non-discriminatory access at the Swiss aerodromes and can also be used on the Internet from any location. skybriefing has a standard appearance, regardless of whether it is accessed from home or from a terminal at an aerodrome. skybriefing is the official flight briefing solution provided by skyguide on behalf of the federal office of civil aviation (FOCA).

The new solution has open interfaces that software and app providers can use. The interfaces allow access to NOTAM data from an authorised source and flight plan functions. We invite interested developers or software providers to contact our Marketing Department by e-mail.

The skybriefing service is made available by skyguide. The weather information is made available by the Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology MeteoSchweiz.


  • Integrated briefing system
    • Flight plan filing
    • NOTAM / SNOWTAM briefings
    • Weather briefings
    • Shop
    • Individual user setting
    • Hangar function
    • Group functions
  • User interface with wizards and online help to assist users with entries
  • Modern service-orientated architecture (SOA)
  • Possibility for software developers to use skybriefing functions for their own programs or apps