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Transmit your flight plan worldwide. With our SMS and e-mail service, you always receive timely information about the status of your flight plan and any SLOT restrictions, no matter where you are.


Create a NOTAM / SNOWTAM briefing tailored to your needs. Update your briefing prior to your flight. That way, you will receive any additional information that has come in and you can ensure that your flight will proceed smoothly and safely.


Create a weather briefing tailored to your needs. Benefit from weather-radar and satellite images, weather and wind maps, METARs, TAFs and SwissMetNet data, all clearly presented and fully up to date.


In the menu publications you will find public documents like all AIC's, the VFR-Guide and the Enroute maps Switzerland. You can purchase in our shop additional online access to the eAIP and eVFR Manual as separate products.

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The terms & conditions have been updated

Under paragraph 1.3 "General" you will find a new section "Third party provider products integrated in skybriefing". You need to accept the terms & conditions once you login.


We support your transition from the VFR Manual paper version towards a paperless cockpit!

If you subscribe until 30.05.2018 you will benefit from two additional months of subscription.

  1. Register on (if not done yet)
  2. Login with your username and password
  3. Select the menu Shop
  4. Select "Buy Products" and then the Product "050 – eVFR Manual Access"
  5. Proceed with the next button and finish the payment process
  6. Your subscription will be extended for two month by our Helpdesk


Courses & Events

There are currently no courses and events available.

In addition to the NOTAM publication, dangers, restrictions and changes in Swiss airspace are graphically illustrated on the DABS chart.

For detailed information always refer to the NOTAM.

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Current Cycles

VFR MANUAL: 24 MAY 2018  
AIP AMDT: 24 MAY 2018

For current SUP and AIRAC SUP checklist, please refer to AMDT cover page paragraph 4